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10 reasons why you need to be in a relationship

1. Companionship: A relationship can provide a sense of companionship and comfort, someone to share your life with....CONTINUE READING

2. Support: Relationships offer support and encouragement, helping you through tough times and celebrating your successes.

3. Growth: Being in a relationship can help you grow as a person, challenging you to become a better version of yourself.

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4. Stability: Relationships can provide stability, giving you a sense of security and a solid foundation for your life.

5. Fulfillment: Relationships can bring a sense of fulfillment to your life. They can make you feel like you’re living a meaningful and purposeful life.

6. Belonging: Relationships can make you feel like you belong and are a part of something bigger than yourself.

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7. Acceptance: Relationships can offer unconditional acceptance, allowing you to be yourself without fear of judgment.

8. Strength: Relationships can make you stronger, both as an individual and as a couple. They can help you face challenges and overcome obstacles.

9. Comfort: Sometimes, you just need someone to lean on. Relationships can provide emotional support and comfort when you need it most.

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10. Family: Relationships can lead to starting a family, creating a sense of legacy and fulfillment.