10 Times Your Feet Are Telling You Something’s Wrong

It’s estimated that over 80 percent of Americans experience some kind of issue with their feet every year. Unfortunately, most people ignore what’s going on with their feet until there’s an injury or serious pain. However, there are definite benefits to checking what’s going on with your feet. One of them is that you might get a hint about how your overall health is doing…..CONTINUE READING

Consistently cold feet might be a sign that you’re having circulatory issues. Since these issues can be caused by a variety of factors so you might not need a doctor’s help. For example, smoking can affect your circulation. On a more serious level, peripheral artery disease, diabetes, and Raynaud’s disease can constrict your blood flow.

Wearing the wrong shoes and standing for a long time are just a couple of harmless instances that can cause swollen feet. However, sudden swelling in your feet can be a sign of kidney disease, arthritis, congestive heart failure, and gout, among other conditions.

Burning pain is one of the foot issues that you should never ignore. While a superficial fungal infection can be the cause, you might also have burning pain from nerve damage (neuropathy) and peripheral artery disorder (PAD).

The first thing to note is that your nails can get discolored or deformed from an injury. However, nail fungus, psoriasis, anemia, and melanoma can also cause your toenails to change. The same can be said if you notice pitting or a spoon-shaped look.

If you have Raynaud’s disease, you may notice that your toes change color unexpectedly. This condition causes the arteries to narrow, which is evident when your toes become blue then red then back to their natural color.

Though your feet can hurt because of an injury or standing for long periods, unexplained pain is another matter. You may feel pain in your big toe alone, in the smaller toes alone, in the sole, or the whole foot. The possible conditions can vary but you might have arthritis, tendonitis, a fracture, gout, or Morton’s neuroma.

The most common cause of persistently itchy feet is athlete’s foot. However, it’s also possible that you’re having an allergic reaction to a chemical that you’ve been exposed to. If you also see a rash, psoriasis is another possibility.

Tired, overworked muscles can lead to foot spasms. In that case, all you’ll need is some rest. However, if that’s not it, you might be…..CONTINUE READING