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3 Early morning drinks that one should avoid on an empty stomach

The food habits we maintain on an empty stomach can determine our whole day or even break it. When it comes to the food habits of South Africans, we always consume some form of caffeine like tea/coffee which helps us begin the day and provides fuel to our body so that we can stretch it to begin our whole day’s....CONTINUE READING

But, most people don’t know that caffeine is one of the worst habits of humans and is something that should be avoided for our physical as well as mental health.

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Just like caffeine, there are several other food habits we should certainly avoid in order to stay healthy in our life.

1. Consumption of caffeinated drinks

Many don’t know but the amount of caffeine present in coffee or even tea can harm our digestive system. When you drink coffee or tea empty stomach, it increases the acid present in the stomach which can damage the entire digestive tract and cause acid reflux and heartburn. This can upset your inner stomach line and to prevent that, it is better to stop drinking tea or coffee, on an empty stomach.

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2. Sugary drinks

Not just citric juices, but many people have a habit of drinking fruit juices straight out of their bed, which can increase the dose of fructose in the body which can put a burden on your liver and pancreas. Any drink that has high sugar levels should be avoided empty stomach as it increases blood sugar levels, which is not good for the body.

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3. Consuming citrus juices

Often, many people have a habit of consuming citrus juices like orange, tangerine, and grapefruit juices first thing in the morning, which can irritate your stomach as it increases the acid content. This can cause increased complaints, especially in patients with gastritis, and increases the risk of developing gastritis. Thus, this drink should also be avoided as the first drink of the morning…..CONTINUE READING