4 Hair Growth Treatments That Actually Work

When it comes to your mane, you want it to look as good as possible. Whether it’s straighter than a pin needle, curlier than fries at the fair or shaved down to the scalp. However, you decide to rock your hair should be done with confidence. Though unfortunately, there are some medical conditions that can cause problems with your hair. Some people lose hair when they give birth or from an illness…..CONTINUE READING

Experiencing hair loss can be traumatizing and feel as though your illness is taking over your body. Thankfully there are new technologies and ways to not only grow hair back but also prevent hair loss in the future.

There can be many reasons why you’re suffering from hair loss. One reason is that you have anxiety and you pick or pull at your hair causing it to fall out.

Another reason why you could be experiencing hair loss is due to certain medications you may be taking. Sometimes the side effects of these medications can be worse than the actual illness.

You could also be experiencing hair loss due to how you treat your hair. You might have been using a shampoo or conditioner that contains toxic chemicals and it causes your hair to break off or fall out. Putting chemical treatments in your hair such as relaxers are also reasons why your hair is falling out.

Certain hairstyles could be bad for your hair too. A ponytail that is too tight could be pulling your hair out. A wig or braids that have not been properly installed could be the reason why you may be suffering from mild to moderate and or severe hair loss.

Hair loss could happen due to stress as well. Being under a bunch of stress can cause your hair to fall out in small sections or clumps at a time. Though all of those suggestions are good examples as to why your hair is falling out, it could be something else.

This condition could be hereditary, it could be due to aging, or it could come about due to hormonal changes or medical conditions. Basically, it’s the overall aspect of losing hair.

But what is the difference between alopecia and losing hair due to stress? Truthfully there is no difference because alopecia can be caused by stress as well as all the other suggestions stated in the previous section.

One way to help differentiate whether stress is causing your hair loss is by gender. Alopecia tends to…..CONTINUE READING