7 Signs That Someone Thinks About You A Lot, According To Psychology

Sometimes we get the sense that someone is thinking about us. We might not have any logical reason to think this way; we just get the feeling that they do. Maybe you’ve “caught” them checking out our Instagram stories a lot, sometimes mere minutes after we’ve posted them. Maybe you’ve noticed how their gaze tends to linger a little bit longer than necessary anytime you see them in the flesh.....Read The Full Story Here ▶

Our intuition can be a great source of information whenever we feel there is more than what meets the eye—that is if we hone it in and allow it to guide us.

Gabriella Dizon, the founder of GD Intuitive puts it perfectly:

“When we allow our intuition to give us those signs, and we’re open to receiving them, then we’re able to piece together a puzzle that we didn’t realize was there.”

Here are seven signs that someone is thinking about you according to psychology, so that you can figure out that puzzle Dixon is talking about.

Is there someone who’s on your mind a lot of the time?

Maybe you’ve been around this person so you know what their energy feels like. You also like their energy and are attracted to it.

“You just don’t expect to feel that energy at random moments when they’re not even there…When you feel it, it brightens up your perspective and makes the moment more special somehow,” says Barrie Davenport from Live Bold and Bloom.

You don’t have to be in love or even attracted to someone.

A Quora user posed this question:

“According to psychology, when you can’t get a person out of your head, it means that the other person is thinking about you. Is that true?”

Here is a former critical care registered nurse’s response:

“Yes, I believe it’s true. This has happened [to me] on a couple of occasions and it’s happening now. I would wake up out of my sleep and have my ex on my mind. He had just texted. He was thinking about me. My ringer was off so I would not have heard the text come through. This happened on a couple of occasions.”

She continues:

“Even though I told him not to reach out anymore (and he hasn’t), I have been thinking about him a lot lately and sometimes anxiety kicks in. I know he is thinking heavily about me the last few weeks. I believe in gut instincts and in the power of the mind.”

In other words, they keep popping up in your dreams.

If you’re having frequent visits from someone via your dream life, it can be a powerful sign that someone is thinking about you—particularly at night, says certified relationship coach, Aastha Pahadia.

“It illustrates your significance in their subconscious too. If you find yourself having sweet dreams about someone, chances are you’re on their mind, too.”

Pahadia says that dreams are often complex manifestations of our thoughts, feelings, and experiences, so encountering almond in your dreams could suggest that there might be a spiritual connection between the two of you.

“Their spirit is reaching out to yours, or it could imply that both of you have shared a similar dream experience.”

Or, to put it more plainly, you’re suffering from mood swings.

If you find that you’re feeling happy or sad for no apparent reason, and you can’t explain what changed your mood, then this could be a sign that someone is thinking of you, says Shawn Love, CEO of the Denver Tech Center.

“Someone [may be] thinking of you and sending you their emotions, either consciously or unconsciously.”

Let’s say you suddenly get a strong urge to get your morning cappuccino from the Starbucks on the other side of town than the one up the road from you. It’s a beautiful day for a drive and you unexpectedly have the time for it.

You decide why not. Once there, you turn your head and are amazed to see your crush pull into the parking space beside.

A few days later, you pop to the mall because you could do with some new clothes for summer. Just as paying for your perfect new print blouse, you look up and see your crush walk by the store.

If a person finds themselves frequently seeing or bumping into the same person in unexpected places, it can signal that their thoughts are manifesting into real-world synchronicities, says Milan Markovic from Mental Health Center.

Let’s say for instance that you’re just routinely going about your day, but then all of the sudden you feel this pang of profound sadness, or a longing to be with someone.

This could very well be a sign that someone misses you, says the staff at The Mind’s Journal.

“You may be dear to someone and your absence makes them feel deeply affected. Or…you are distraught and suddenly you feel some warmth in you. This is a sign that someone cares about you and their thoughts are full of love and care.”

Say you have a specific song stuck in your head, or you hear someone’s name in the lyrics of a song, or maybe you keep coming across a sentimental song you associate with a specific person, this could be a sign that someone is thinking about you, says Amelia McBride from Well & Good.

“When you are hearing music that has a certain memory or a certain person tied to it, this could be a sign of them opening up the channel between you.”

That person could very well be thinking about you, or they might be talking to someone else about you—“whether it’s in a good or bad light.”

Sometimes we feel a connection to someone we know of, but don’t know on a personal level. Even though we know nothing about them, we feel a connection to them. Being drawn to someone might be scary and exciting, says Shaynerose Magabi from Medium.

“Deep down, you have no idea why you’re drawn to them but your curiosity wants you to investigate what’s the deal. This feeling means that you would love to know them better and might be a clear indication that you like this person.”

Magabi continues:

“This pull may be mistaken for attraction but with deeper analysis you’ll realize that it takes two to tango. Therefore, you may feel drawn because you are constantly thinking about this person and vice versa.”

The connection could be pulling you close together because they could be thinking the same thoughts you are.

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