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8 Signs That Show You Are Healthy

According to healthline Chest pain, loss of sight or voice, and persistent abdomen pain are all signs of a health crisis that require prompt medical attention. In addition, there are telltale markers of wellness that you may observe for yourself....CONTINUE READING

You can tell you’re healthy by looking for these telltale indicators.

1. Your lips won’t get dry and cracked.

If you’ve noticed that your lips are dry, cracking, and generally unpleasant, it’s a sign that your body isn’t getting enough water and may also be deficient in vitamins.

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2. Speedy recovery from scrapes and bruises

This is a positive sign that your body is strong and able to heal itself fast after illness or injury.

3. Urine that is free of sediment

The body is functioning normally if you urinate fewer times per day and the color of your urine is a healthy pale yellow. This suggests that you may not be drinking enough water. Colorless urine is an indication of overhydration. The darker urine is, the more concentrated it tends to be. Dehydration is the most common cause of dark urine.

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Feeling rested and revitalized upon waking

This shows that your sleep pattern is constant and you are having a quality amount of sleep every day. Probably seven to eight hours daily.

5. Strong teeth, gums, nails, and hair

There’s obviously a problem if you have brittle hair and nails. Possible causes include stress levels that are abnormally high.

Constant mass

Those who maintain their weight without gaining or losing any should consider themselves healthy. You have health problems if your weight fluctuates wildly.

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Seventh, women have regular menstrual cycles

A regular menstrual cycle is a sign of a healthy body. Your body here is carrying out what it is meant to accomplish and on time, that’s always a good symptom.

8: Skin that’s flaky and dry

You may be irritated by the dryness because any change in your skin is a major bummer, but know that the old skin is shedding to make way for the new…..CONTINUE READING