’89 Years Old And Still Talking Nonsense’ – Nigerian Youths Fire Prof Soyinka Over His Remarks

Nigerian youths have voiced their opinions on social media following remarks made by Professor Wole Soyinka regarding the nation’s younger generation. In a dialogue with Noble Nigeria, Soyinka expressed his dismay at the negative comments directed towards him, suggesting that they were part of an orchestrated campaign, possibly encouraged by Peter Obi....Read The Full Story Here ▶

The Nobel Laureate emphasized his commitment to honesty, expressing hope that Obi would reconsider any intentions of running in the 2027 election, citing concerns about his fitness for leadership.

Soyinka remarked, “The issue at hand is education. While I haven’t read all the comments from the Obidient Movement, the excerpts I’ve seen are disheartening. It’s troubling to witness potential leaders fostering such behavior among the youth.”

He warned of the potential consequences of such actions, stating, “Those who incite may eventually face unexpected backlash from those they’ve influenced.”

Soyinka’s stance has sparked a debate among young Nigerians, many of whom feel that his focus should be on critiquing the government’s policies affecting the economy, rather than individual political figures.

An emotional video has circulated, featuring a woman tearfully imploring Soyinka, President Bola Tinubu, and other political leaders to consider the plight of ordinary Nigerians.

She shared her personal struggles with unemployment and the financial burdens faced by those who cannot afford to seek opportunities abroad.

The public discourse continues to unfold on social media as Nigerians share their diverse perspectives on the matter.

mamaafricank1: Sad reality! Very disappointed at Wole Soyinka’s statement! A man we grew up reading his books and admiring

pk_funds: 89 and u still dey alive dey talk shit about the youth u no wan die go rest

udyadimora: Even if their kids are in Nigeria it doesn’t affect them in anyway! And yea majority of Nigerians are extremely hardworking but the system doesnt let businesses flourish

zenabless: This govt don’t care, what baffles me is the youths that see no wrong in how their ruining this nation. They still support and make excuses for them due to their selfish reasons

maxerikngwu: Hmm …sad reality. God pls heal Nigeria

spiderdike: It’s really painful how heartless some pple are just because of selfish interest

prince_afunwa_: Things are really expensive in Nigeria, everyone is crying , Nigerian government should do something positive that will bring good results people are suffering in this country

ohanakaken: Is really getting out of hand in this Country Nigeria ….. …when you go out of the street and you will see what Nigerian’s are going through in there Motherland, this is heartbreaking.

Watch the video below;

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