A Female House Member Has Been Living In London Since Our Inauguration – Aggrieved Lawmakers

Some aggrieved lawmakers have tackled a particular House of Representatives member whom they have accused of living abroad since their inauguration. The aggrieved lawmakers have formed a pressure group, codenamed “Novelty Group.” According to Leadership, the group was supposed to hold their inaugural meeting yesterday, but it was cancelled following the death of a House member....Read The Full Story Here ▶

Speaking to newsmen, one of the lawmakers said a lady who is the chairperson of the House committees of a juicy commission has been abroad, where she solely performs and administers the oversight functions of a committee since their inauguration.
He said no member, including her deputy, knows anything happening in the committee or the commission.

He said the female House member occasionally gives out instructions and nauseating handouts from the commission to members of the committee, whom she treats like her aides. “We can no longer tolerate this rubbish,” he said.

The aggrieved lawmakers also tackled chairmen of committees for relegating their deputies and first-timers. “And most of these so-called privileged first-time and ranking members hardly come to plenary.

Some of them supervise and administer, as well as confiscate benefits from the federal agencies and parastatals we are supposed to handle together from abroad,” the lawmaker said

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