Abba Kyari: Gone but never forgotten, By Jalal A. Arabi

It is yet another anniversary of your passing away, my immeasurable mentor and close confidant.

Even as we mark the third year of your death, this is to remind you, we still remember you, very fondly…..CONTINUE READING

To us, you were an embodiment of selfless service, grace and rare, even uncommon vision. You struggled hard to serve Nigeria and sacrificed your life in the service of the country.

Rest assured that your some of your mentees, bosom friends and close associates continue to think fondly of you and they have been praying fervently for Allah to grant you Aljanat Firdaus.

I am consoled by the fact that those who knew you closely still speak remarkably of you.They attest to your good nature, your honesty of purpose and your single minded determination to give your best.

Even more, we have heard stories of your generosity towards people many who were close to you did not know. You served them quietly expecting Allah to reward you. May Allah continue to bless your resting place.

I must not end this without letting you know that you are greatly missed by all, including some of those who wrongly criticised you. Many have come to realise that they were maligning an innocent person. They now wish that they had known you better.

May Allah continue to comfort you in Aljanat Firdaus. Amin…..CONTINUE READING

Jalal A. Arabi