After My Husband Died, His Dad Slept On Our Bed And Told Me I Was His New Wife,” – Lady Painfully Narrates

Esther has painfully narrated how her father-in-law wanted to make her his new wife after her husband’s death. Esther claims that she got married at a tender age with a 20-year age gap between her and her husband....Read The Full Story Here ▶

She knew nothing about marriage, but her husband helped her. They were blessed with three kids, and her husband was a wonderful father who provided for everything they needed.

Tragically, Esther’s husband was shot dead, leaving her with nothing. She thought about how her kids would suffer and even considered committing suicide.

During her husband’s burial, when they arrived at the family home, she noticed something strange. When the family saw the coffin, they all laughed and no one came to bury him.

She got very angry and decided to go back to Nairobi. Upon arriving at her house, she found her father-in-law sleeping in her matrimonial bed. He told her that now that her husband was dead, he wanted her to become his new wife.
Esther was very shocked and decided to run away. Everything that her husband had left behind was shared among the family members.

She claims that life has not been easy taking care of her three kids, but she thanks God that she is managing and growing stronger every day

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