Ajimobi never allowed me interact with bricklayer, mechanic — Wife

Florence Ajimobi, widow of the former governor of Oyo State the late Abiola Ajimobi, has revealed that her husband ‘spoilt’ and ‘shielded’ her.

Mrs Ajimobi spoke on Saturday during an interview on a show anchored by Isaac Brown and the Gang on Fresh 105.9 FM in Ibadan. The radio station is owned by gospel singer Yinka Ayefele…..CONTINUE READING

Mrs Ajimobi said she was not comfortable with Ajimobi’s decision to veer into politics.

“He told me he already made up his mind. Those who knew him will confirm this. He put everything he had into it and he got all he wanted in politics with the help of God. He was a man of integrity, focused, firm and determined personality.

“When he became a senator in 2003, we moved to Abuja. I got bored along the line and I became a volunteer teacher in my daughter’s school. I taught the kids cooking. Those who know me can confirm that I love cooking,” she said.

Mrs Ajimobi, who spoke with a lot of emotion, further said, “I must also confess that my husband really spoilt me. He did everything possible for me.

“He protected me, he shielded me. As a matter of fact, I never had anything to do with a bricklayer or mechanic. The first time a young man came looking for me and he said he was a mechanic, I shed tears.”

On the political family left behind by her husband, she said, “Let me quickly say here that I am not a politician, I will never be a politician. So, I don’t want to be a political leader. My husband was their leader and I was his wife…..CONTINUE READING