Alcoholic drinks you should take regularly in moderation to lower your blood pressure

WebMD describes high blood pressure as a medical condition that happens when the pressure of the blood within the human body is more than normal and that, if not treated and returned to normal, can cause undesirable health issues.

High blood pressure is caused by the heart pumping blood at an excessively high pressure and is exacerbated by alcohol consumption due to the chemical components included in some alcoholic drinks or beverages, as described by Healthline….CONTINUE READING

If consumed consistently and in proportion, these alcoholic beverages can help lower blood pressure. Moderate use of these drinks has been shown to help the body maintain a healthy blood pressure. Now, we’ll take a look at these beverages through the lens of Healthline’s description of them.

The top-tier bottle of white or red wine that is bone-dry (Red or White)

Be selective; not all wines are created equal. During the fermenting process, the natural sugar in the grapes was transformed into alcohol. Even though wine has been found to offer health benefits, consuming it daily may not be the best decision, according to multiple studies. Depending on the type of grape used and the amount of sugar added, wine’s calorie count can range from the low 80s to the mid 90s. Dry wines, that has less than 1 gram of sugar per ounce, are your best bet for avoiding this.


According to Healthline, vodka’s high alcohol level eliminates the microorganisms that result in foul breath. It’s also effective at disinfecting wounds and relieving stress. It improves the health of your hair and skin simultaneously. Vodka is a great pain reliever, and it works especially well for toothache.


Studies in mice suggest that the agave plant, out of which tequila is distilled, may also increase calcium absorption and promote better bone health in humans. There is not enough information to recommend tequila for treating insufficient calcium levels or bone issues like osteoporosis, despite the fact that alcohol may aid enhance calcium absorption. Clear liquors like tequila have fewer calories than their dark counterparts.


Beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, and for good reason: it’s loaded with the antioxidant phenols. It’s fantastic that there’s less of a chance of getting heart disease. Beer in particular has been linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular risk and helping to maintain normal blood pressure.


A lot of beneficial antioxidants can be found in whiskey as well. The risk of cardiovascular disease can be lowered by increasing one’s consumption of antioxidants and by drinking alcohol in moderation.

Use caution when consuming any of the aforementioned beverages; doing so will help you reap the most benefits while minimizing any negative impacts on your health….CONTINUE READING