Austin Okai: The Moral Fiber and Obdurate Loyalty to His Followers

It’s now fair to say Louis Pasteur, one of the greatest writers to ever grace the art, meant the definition of Usman Austin Okai, the unbend political circuit of Kogi extraction, when he portrayed the tenets and moral embeddingness of tenacity. Enemies may want to express skepticism about this postulation, but at least Okai’s post-election outings suggest nothing but a true reflection of what the Frenchman accounted for in his work…..CONTINUE READING

Not wealthy or floating in affluence, but firm in his dealings and always on alert to marshal home his resolve without considering “whose ox is gored”.

“I’m not attempting to merely eulogize him, perhaps to coat his recent volition or because we shared political affinity; I’m only spreading the chronicle of an indestructible man. It seeks to correct the distorted political ideas starched and soaked in our politicians, who only remember their supporters every four years.”

“In his maiden voyage to the ballot paper, he transversed every nook and cranny of Dekina and Bassa, preaching and teaching the need to negotiate on behalf of his constituents. Staging and demonstrating this conviction against the All Progressives Congress, APC, in a state headed by an acclaimed lion can be tedious, hellish, perilous, and reprehensive, to say the very least.

Yet the fervent Okai rose to the occasion against the political regiment of the Bello-led administration. The system was designed to weaken, reduce, and render the voracious and audacious activist voiceless, not knowing it was the grease needed to pedal his career to greatness.

An inference remotely deduced has suggested that many of my friends didn’t see Usman Austin Okai as a politician. To them, he’s an institution and a political party rolled into one.

To date, Usman Austin Okai remains the only politician who has not only gone to the grassroots to thank them for standing for him after losing the election but has also hosted his media lieutenants on more than two occasions to reinstate his commitment to the cause.

I can only wonder how a man who, in the crookest way possible, lost an election barely a month ago had the strength and moral fiber to be discussing the way forward with his followers, hosting them to dinner on two separate occasions. Didn’t he consider the money he spent before, during, and after the election? Didn’t he consider the energy expended on the election he didn’t win, according to them? How Austin Okai beat these odds is still a mystery to me.

We’ve followed Okai’s political evolution, and we’re monitoring its refurbishment as we anticipate his crossroads and the eventual glory days of Usman Austin Okai’s political institution…..CONTINUE READING