BREAKING: My ADC brings phone to me in Church to show me how people are being murdered – Jonathan

Former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has spoken about the challenges he faced with insecurity during his time in office.

Speaking at the commissioning of a road project in Taraba State, Jonathan revealed that the insecurity in the country gave him “serious headache” and caused him to have sleepless nights…..CONTINUE READING

He even recounted how his ADC would bring him a phone during church services to show him reports of people being murdered or kidnapped.

“When I was the president of Nigeria, the insecurity of the nation did give me sleepless nights. Sometimes even while I am in the church, my ADC will bring a phone to show me how people are being murdered or kidnapped, and that gave me serious headache.”

The former President urged the people of Taraba State to work towards peace and expressed his happiness that the state was returning to a state of peaceful coexistence and tolerance.

Jonathan served as president of Nigeria from 2010 to 2015, a period that saw the emergence of the Boko Haram sect as one of the most dangerous terror groups in the world…..CONTINUE READING