BREAKING NEWS: Court can summon US investigator who handled Tinubu’s case to testify if it is true or not – Igho Akeregha

Peter Gregory Obi’s challenge to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s victory at the Election Tribunal has caused a stir in Nigeria, and political commentator Igho Akeregha has weighed in on the matter.

In a recent interview, Akeregha identified two key points in Obi’s petition that he believes could be resolved quickly by the court before Tinubu’s swearing-in as president-elect on May 29……CONTINUE READING

The first issue raised by Obi and Atiku Abubakar alleges that Tinubu was convicted on drug trafficking charges in the United States.

Akeregha suggested that the election tribunal could quickly resolve this by subpoenaing the US investigators who handled the matter to testify whether the allegations are true or not.

He added that Nigerian law permits someone to be subpoenaed from America, making the process easier.

In his words; “On this issue, the court needs not to waste our time. It can subpoena the US investigators who handled the matter to come into Nigeria and testify whether the allegations are true or not. This would make it easier because our laws allow for someone to be subpoenaed even from America”.

The second issue is the alleged double nomination of the vice-president-elect of the APC, Shettima. The petition claims that Shettima put himself forward for both the Senatorial ticket in Borno State and the VP candidacy in the APC.

Akeregha believes that this matter can be quickly resolved by recalling the documents and examining them to determine whether the alleged double nomination occurred.

Akeregha noted that Nigeria has enough laws, and it is the people who oversee processes that are the problem. He believes that these two issues are easy to determine, and the election tribunal should deal with them quickly to prevent any delays in the swearing-in of the president-elect……CONTINUE READING