BREAKING: Nigeria Condemns Escalation of Attacks on Civilian Targets in Gaza, Urges Restoration of Peace

The government and people of Nigeria strongly condemn the recent escalation of violence against defenseless civilians in Gaza amid the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. On Sunday, May 26, deadly attacks on the Rafah Displacement Camps in Southern Gaza resulted in the tragic loss of about 45 lives, predominantly women and children. This incident adds to a series of devastating strikes on civilian targets, including the bombing of Al Shifa Hospital in early April, the bombing of schools in Khan Younis, the March 2024 attack on Firas Market, the Nuseirat Refugee Camp Market, and the drone attacks on World Central Kitchen aid staff in April. These attacks represent a severe affront to humanity and must be unequivocally denounced.....Read The Full Story Here ▶

Nigeria expresses deep concern for the safety and welfare of Gaza’s civilian population and deplores the worsening humanitarian crisis. The government is particularly dismayed by the disregard for ceasefire agreements, violations of humanitarian corridors, and obstruction of aid and relief efforts.

Nigeria firmly asserts that the fundamental human rights of Gaza’s vulnerable civilian population, especially the right to life, must be preserved at all costs. The Nigerian government calls on all stakeholders—including Israel and Palestine, the United Nations and its Security Council, the European Union, human rights groups, civil society organizations, world leaders, and the international community—to intensify efforts towards a speedy resolution of the conflict and an immediate cessation of violence against defenseless people on both sides.

Nigeria also reaffirms its support for the two-state solution as essential to resolving the current conflict and fostering long-term peace in the region.

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