BREAKING: Tinubu To inaugurate Chuba Okadigbo International Airport

President Bola Tinubu may soon inaugurate the rehabilitated Chuba Okadigbo International Airport. In a bid to ensure speedy completion of the runway rehabilitation, control tower and putting the entire airport in a perfect use, Governor Francis Nwifuru has become regular in inspection of the project, more so has made sure that all contractors handling various projects at the airport, are paid up to ninety percent of their contract sum.....Read The Full Story Here ▶

According to the Governor: “The airport is what we think that our money should go into, and it is for the benefit of all of us, since our manifesto is centred on the ‘Peoples’ charter of needs’ we couldn’t have spent so much money on this airport, but we have to because, we shouldn’t abandon it.

“We have about three projects ongoing in this airport; the runway, control tower and it is almost one hundred percent completed. Another one is the security control light in this airport, and it is almost completed too” he said.

The Governor Francis Nwifuru has declared to make jealous their critics critics, with the construction of gigantic projects across the thirteen local government areas of the State.

“When we assumed office, having campaigned on the same platform of Divine Mandate, Continuity and Consolidation, we were constrained and it became an obligation that we complete this airport, and put it to the standard that everybody will be proud of”.

“And as a people of Ebonyi State, we made a serious promise to our people that we will punish our enemies with very gigantic projects” he stated.

“The contractor IDC handling the airport’s runway rehabilitation has been doing wonderfully well, but the State government has been doing very exceptionally well. At the beginning, early July, we agreed to re-award the construction of this runway. We gave it to IDC because they have an asphalt plant close to Ebonyi State. And they agreed to build an asphalt plant here, which you can see there”.

“Due to the issue of fluctuation in our currency, this job was supposed to stop, if not the understanding, I personally talked to the contractor, I made serious promises. We called for an upward review. The runway was initially awarded for #13.735billion, at the time of the upward review, The balance left then was #4.7billion and we reviewed it upwards by 70 percent from the balance. And that’s what made the contractor come back to site” he said.

“We have plans to have Airport hangers (Aircraft mechanic workshop) for repair of aircrafts from across the Country”.

Meanwhile, the State’s Commissioner for Aviation and Transport Technology had said that the State has plans to purchase aircraft for the State, establish College of Aviation, create massive jobs for the youths and as well to boost the economy of the State by greater percentage.

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