Canada-based Nigerian lady reportedly buys house one year after relocating abroad (Video)

A Nigerian lady who reportedly moved to Canada a year ago expresses overwhelming joy as she acquires a new house.

TikTok user identified as Abbie of Lagos set tongues wagging as she unveils her newly acquired house a year after relocating abroad……CONTINUE READING

Expressing gratitude over her newly acquired property, Abbie revealed that her journey in Canada has not been an easy one.

“Thank You God is what I have been saying on repeat throughout this day. I left for Canada on the 5th of April 2022 and closed on this beautiful home on the 5th of April 2023. The journey of building this house started 6 months ago, there have been ups and downs but God did it, despite the crazy real estate market in Ontario and crazy bank rate in Canada, God still came through,” the Nigerian immigrant wrote.

Reactions Trailing Abbie’s New House in Canada

ruufman100 wrote: “You bought a house within a year in Canada. Tell us what you do for a living. Otherwise dey there dey play 😁😁.”

favemelanin added: “She said one year in Ontario,she could’ve been living in another province building herself! Congratulations 🎉.”

dreamchaserzim noted: “most people that buy houses in a year bring settlement funds then use that as dwnpayment otherwise salary for a year alone😂 plz.”

user51611600524620 stated: “Nothing is impossible but here in canada you need to built a good credit history in order to apply for morgage unless you pay the full amount……CONTINUE READING

Watch the video below…