Cat Jumps on a Man Leading Prayer in Mosque Live on Air, Videos Goes Viral

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is a time of fasting and prayer for Muslims all over the world.

Many Muslims also increase their devotion to their religion and pray an additional salat (compulsory prayer) in the evening after breaking their fast as it was the tradition…..CONTINUE READING

It was in one of those prayers in the evening that a cat climbed on an Imam who was leading a prayer in Algeria, Independent UK reported.
Cat fell on his shoulder

The cat suddenly fell on the shoulders of the man and began to move around his body even though the prayer was live on air.

Despite the efforts of the cat to distract or seek attention from the man who was leading the prayer, the man remained unfazed.

The imam continued to recite the verse of the Quran and remained unshaken until the cat finally alighted from his body after sometime.

The congregants also did not appear unfazed by the theatrical climbing and continued to stand together, folding their arms in their chest to signal that they were doing something very important.

Independent UK also reported that the Imam kept his cool without skipping a verse in his recitals.

Watch the video here

boy leads prayers during event, stirs reactions

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a cute little boy caused a frenzy on social media with his weird prayer point during a recent occasion. The bold child was called on stage to say some prayers in the presence of parents and guests.

He grabbed the microphone and prayed for long life and prosperity for all parents and guests.

While everyone screamed amen, the little boy dropped a bombshell that made everyone, including the master of ceremonies (MC), laugh so hard…..CONTINUE READING