Celine Dion opens up on current health condition

Celine Dion shared an update with fans on Friday as she took to social media with a rare post amid her health battle.

The Power of Love singer revealed she’d been seen in Canada, but not in the way fans might think.Sharing a photo of a billboard featuring herself, and advertising her new music, she wrote: “Spotted in Toronto! Thanks for sharing the Love (Again” @spotifiycanada, Team Celine….CONTINUE READING

Her post on Instagram comes at a difficult time for Celine, who was diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome in December.

Recently, her sister Claudette Dion spoke to Le Journal de Montreal about the star’s illness, and her hopes for Celine being able to one day get back on stage.

Admitting that she didn’t want to speak about the illness at first because it was such a difficult subject, Claudette told the publication that she was now ready to open up.

On Celine’s Instagram video in December, in which the singer opened up about her health battle, Claudette said: “She has done it with composure. I know she was holding herself back. It wasn’t done in a moment of crisis, with tears, in distress. She simply explained what it was.”

On her famous sister’s strength, she added: “Rather than crying about her fate, I’m trying to send her positive vibes and to make sure that one day, she’ll be able to get back on stage.”

Despite her diagnosis, Celine recently revealed she’s making her big musical comeback. Her first new original material in nearly four years dropped on Thursday, April 13.

The new single, titled “Love Again,” is part of the soundtrack for the upcoming romantic-comedy of the same name, in which Celine stars alongside Sam Heughan and Priyanka Chopra.

The song is her first since 2019’s “Courage” off the album of the same name, following which she retreated from the spotlight due to the pandemic and health troubles of her own.After canceling shows due to “persistent muscle spasms,” she revealed that she had been diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome and would stay home to recover….CONTINUE READING