Death Of SS3 Student In Akwa Ibom School Sparks Controversy

According to Dailypost. Controversy Surrounding the Death of a Senior Secondary School Student in Akwa Ibom.

The recent death of a Senior Secondary School 3 (SS3) student in Akwa Ibom State has stirred up a significant amount of controversy…..CONTINUE READING

Edima Ini Umoh, a student at Full Life Academy in Uyo, Akwa Ibom, passed away under mysterious circumstances, leading to allegations against the school authority.

The principal of Full Life Academy, Pastor Aniefonteabasi Victor-Williams, stated that the tragic event took everyone by surprise, as there were no indications of Edima’s impending demise.

It began with a minor complaint of a headache in the morning, and the school nurse administered paracetamol, which seemed to provide relief.

Edima even joined her classmates for lunch, displaying an appetite by asking for extra food.

However, at around 4:00 pm, Edima complained of another headache.

The nurse intended to start malaria treatment to prevent the headache from escalating into a full-blown fever.

She brought out Coartem, an antimalarial drug, but Edima refused to take it, insisting that they contact her mother to obtain a different medication called Amathem.

The school matron promptly called Edima’s mother and handed her the phone to speak with her daughter.

Edima asked her mother to pray for her multiple times and requested that she come to the school immediately with Amathem and pepper soup.

Concerned that Edima might be overreacting, her mother urged her to remain calm.

According to the principal’s account, after speaking with her mother, Edima became calm and requested to rest.

Considering her headache, the hostel parent and hostel prefect believed it was best to let her rest and assigned the school senior prefect, who was also Edima’s classmate, to stay with her.

The head girl confirmed that Edima appeared calm and eventually fell asleep.

The head girl then left the room to sleep upstairs. It was later discovered that Edima started snoring, which was not unusual as she was known to snore while sleeping.

When the hostel parent returned to check on Edima, she noticed a white substance mixed with blood coming out of her nose.

This discovery caused panic, and they immediately called for help.

The school nurse attempted to resuscitate Edima while waiting for the doctor’s arrival.

The school’s executive director and other leaders rushed to the school, and she was taken to Premiere Clinic, where she was put on oxygen.

Despite their efforts and prayers, Edima did not respond, and she was eventually pronounced dead at Jeconiah Specialist Hospital.

The principal expressed her confusion and distress over the rapid turn of events.

She highlighted previous instances where students with severe medical conditions had been successfully treated, emphasizing that the school had the necessary equipment and medical support.

Edima was considered one of the best students, and the school had even planned to honor her as the Valedictorian.

In response to the tragedy, the family, through their lawyer, demanded a detailed account of the events leading to Edima’s death from the school authority.

They expressed disappointment that four days had passed, and the school had failed to provide a comprehensive explanation for their daughter’s untimely demise.

The family threatened legal action if their demand was not met within 48 hours.

The school’s lawyer, however, dismissed the family’s claims and placed blame on Edima’s mother.

According to the school’s account, the mother displayed negligence by delaying the administration of medication to her daughter for over three hours.

The lawyer questioned how a mother could waste time while her daughter was urgently pleading for help.

They suggested that the mother should have taken immediate action, either by providing the medication or taking Edima to a personal doctor.

The lawyer further argued that the school had no right to force medication on a child, and since Edima expressed her refusal to take the prescribed drug, they couldn’t proceed against her will.

They emphasized that the mother’s delay in attending to her daughter’s medical needs was a contributing factor to the unfortunate outcome.

The school’s lawyer planned to meet with their team to respond to the family’s demand for disclosure.

As the controversy surrounding Edima’s death unfolds, both the school authority and the family seek to find answers to the tragic event.

The circumstances leading to her passing remain uncertain, leaving everyone involved in search of the truth and resolution…..CONTINUE READING