“Dem Dey Call Musician You Dey Comot?” Portable Drags Goya Menor for Calling Him Names in Viral Interview

Controversial Nigerian singer Portable has replied Goya Menor’s viral video where the rapper called him names.

Menor had compared the singer to a dog and added that an elephant like him has no business with a dog barking….CONTINUE READING

In a viral video, Portable called out his colleague, asking of he would proudly come out if musicians are being called to the forefront.

He went on to ask if Menor thinks they are on the same popularity scale and if he has dropped back-to-back hits like him.

Portable also shaded his colleague with endorsements before reiterating that he is a baboon that lives in the zoo.

Watch the video below:
Reactions to Portable’s reply


“I talk am, he must reply ”


“But funny enough na portable make me know about this guy now and am sure am not the only one.”


“True true, portable is more popular than goya… its just that he’s too razz”


“If not for packaging and education, Goya cnt stand portable musically”


“Shey goya Dey whyne ? Portable better pass am by far.”


“I only know 1 hit song of Goya menor, him don release any song after then??”


“And that’s on Period….. Portable is such a joy giver! Adorable Baboon ”


“Forget portable Rascality. He sings better than Goya. My opinion tho ”

Portable celebrates wife and son ahead of their birthdays

Popular Nigerian singer Portable’s wife and son will soon turn a year older, and he has been gearing up for the joyous moments.

The singer took to his Instagram page with a post announcing that his Bewaji and their son Iyanuoluwa will be celebrating their birthdays soon.

In his caption, Portable wished his wife and son a happy birthday in advance and prayed their deaths would not be announced with their photos….CONTINUE READING