FCTA Demolishes Shops Over Encroachment On Road, Power Facility In Kubwa, Dedei

A combined team of city management officials from the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) on Monday stormed and cleared buildings, mostly temporary shops, that were allegedly encroaching on power lines and road corridors in the Kubwa and Deidei neighborhoods of the Bwari Area Council of Abuja.

This was part of the administration’s renewed effort to clean up the area…..CONTINUE READING

The majority of the demolished buildings include kiosks, expansions to the Deidei Livestock perimeter fence, tables, and seats utilized for various trading activities, which are said to pose environmental and security risks in the area.

However, some people tried to carry out a mop-action by throwing stones at the officials, who were able to disperse them as the team, which was accompanied by a joint team of security professionals, continued deep into the cleanup operation.

The Special Assistant to the FCT Minister, Comrade Ikharo Attah said due to the volatile nature of the area, a strong combined team was mobilised to free the traffic congestion by getting rid of shanties along the major road corridors, which also constitutes security threat to road users and other residents.

According to Attah: “The whole Deidei road axis is about the issue of removing the entirety of illegalities around the place particularly the service lane of the Zuba-Kubwa Expressway is fully covered, and the other main lane is also blocked road connecting down to Zuba axis is also blocked as well as the Livestock market area is completely blocked.

“We came out for a general clean up in Kubwa, Deidei and Zuba axis.
During the exercise in Deidei, the team came under attack, because Deidei has been known to be volatile with so much criminalities and illegalities in the place.

“So we are removing illegalities, so as to free Deidei from traffic congestion and security threats.

“We have been able to do very sufficient work in Deidei and Kubwa. We know that for sure that some of the criminal elements will want to resist that, but as a government we pushed them back, minor injuries sustained and we are good to go.

“One or two persons were injured but largely, the area is calm now, and those who are criminal elements, who tried to stop the enforcement were dispersed, and work continued”.

Murtala Idris, one of the Livestock dealers at Deidei while reacting to the development expressed sadness over the exercise, which he said was carried out without due notice.

“We are not happy, because it is the same government through the management of the International Livestock Market that gave us the permission to be build shops for our livestock activities there, and they generate revenue from us.

“And we were not adequately informed about the exercise, even they were the ones that gave permitted us to build shops here, and so there is no expectation that they will just came and demolish everything without due notice, that is why I’m not happy.

“Now, I have been displaced, but if the government had notified me to remove my shop, I will follow the rules, and remove it myself…..CONTINUE READING