Festus Keyamo Himself Understand Well That REC Lacks The Authority To Declare Election Results – Sambo

One of the president-elect’s spokesmen, Festus Keyamo, is allegedly aware that the Resident Electoral Commissioner lacks the authority to declare election results, according to Arise Political Editor Sumner Sambo.

During an appearance with Arise’s night show, Sumner Sambo was asked to comment on the recent events in Adamawa, where a REC officer pronounced the APC candidate for governor, Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed “Binani,” to be the newly elected governor…..CONTINUE READING

According to Sumner Sambo, a significant act of subversion has occurred, making the governorship race in Adamawa very problematic.

Yunusa Ari, the resident electoral commissioner in Adamawa, has given his support to a polarizing force that poses a threat to the public’s will. The sad situation of our democratic institutions is reflected in this.

He claimed that because he is an election commissioner who is conversant with the regulations, the security agency need not waste their time looking into him.

He pressed Yunusa Ari to reveal who had given him permission to go to the collation center and declare Binani the winner. Additionally, in a magazine devoid of any images.

And why were the policemen sitting there gazing at him? The APC has no right to take pride in the fact that its candidate for governor publicly accepted an outcome that did not follow the election law.

This applies to Festus Keyamo as well, who has already tweeted about the circumstance without according to the correct protocol.

According to one report, “Festus Keaymo himself knows that a resident electoral commissioner does not have power to announce result…..CONTINUE READING