FG Begins Distribution of Free Cooking Gas Cylinders to 1 Million Nigerians Using Firewood, Charcoal

The federal government has launched a free gas cylinder distribution initiative to encourage using clean cooking energy nationwide. This effort aims to transition at least one million households to clean cooking gas by 2030....Read The Full Story Here ▶

The government’s initiative comes as National Bureau of Statistics data shows that cooking gas prices have increased nationwide.

The increased prices and, of course, rising inflation in the country forced many Nigerians to seek alternatives to cooking their food, such as kerosene stoves, firewood, and charcoal.
250,000 gas cylinders to be distributed annually

As part of the ‘Decade of Gas’ initiative, specifically the LPG grassroots pen*tration program, approximately 250,000 gas cylinders will be distributed to women in rural communities across the country.

During the program’s launch in Abuja’s Apo Resettlement area, the minister of state for petroleum resources (Gas), Ekperikpe Ekpo, emphasised the current administration’s commitment to boosting domestic gas consumption.

According to Vanguard, Ekpo oversaw the distribution of 1,000 gas-filled 3kg cylinders to rural women from the six area councils of the Federal Capital Territory.

He explained that promoting gas as the preferred cooking fuel would significantly enhance the health of women and girls, who are mostly at risk from using traditional cooking fuels.

He stated:

“We’re not only introducing a program today; we’re on a mission to change millions of Nigerians’ lives in our six geographical zones. By 2030, we want to convert 250,000 houses a year to clean cooking gas, which is a lofty but attainable target.”

He noted that the program demonstrates Nigeria’s unwavering commitment to reducing the dependence on solid fuels, such as firewood, kerosene, and charcoal, which have long been the primary energy sources for many households.
Private sector to support the initiative

In his remark, Mr. Ed Ubong, the coordinating director of the ‘Decade of Gas’ program, stated that the initiative, financed by the private sector, aims to eliminate the use of wood and kerosene in households.

According to ThisDay, Ubong noted that the ‘Decade of Gas’ program aligns with President Bola Tinubu’s vision of “Gas to Prosperity, a Renewed Hope.”

He mentioned that the government, in collaboration with the private sector and under the guidance of the minister of state for petroleum resources (Gas), aims to distribute over a million gas cylinders throughout Nigeria, primarily targeting women in rural areas.
Expert explains why cooking gas is expensive

In related news, Legit reported that an expert provided insight into why government efforts are not working to bring down the price of cooking gas.

Speaking on the price changes, Dr Ayo Anthony, an economist, explained that it will take time for government policies to impact the economy.

Anthony said the issue of old gas stock contributed to the high cost of cooking gas despite the government’s policy to remove VAT from its importation.

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