Foods You Should Limit Or Avoid At The Age Of 50 And Above To Stay Healthy

According to Healthline, our existence is based on the necessity of the fuel provided by the type of food we consume. As we age in life, the body and brain tissue naturally weakens, leading to a decline in cognitive function and decision making abilities. At this point, your food choices needs to shift and you may need to watch your diet carefully based on any health detriments….CONTINUE READING

According to WebMD, it might not be easy to maintain a consistent diet as you grow older, but keeping a nutritious and balanced diet should be your top priorities. Below are some on the foods you need to avoid or limit eating as you turn 50 years and above to stay healthy generally.


Some things you consume immediately following your meal or medication can greatly limit the effectiveness of your meal or medication. Taking grapefruits after your medication for instant, may lower the efficacy of your medication. For this not to occur, talk to your doctor or dietician before making any dietary change.

You should know that grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and potassium, which are a part of a balanced diet. Therefore, don’t go without consuming it instead, limit it’s intake and know the exact time to consume it, or take citrus fruits like orange in it’s place.

Uncooked produce

Because uncooked produce can be generally hard and unfriendly to the teeth, you should consider staying away from it so as to keep your teeth in good shape even in old age. You can parboil your vegetables or other foods that you take fresh.


Some of the reasons you need to stay away from beans is because it can cause stomach disorder after a while. This is because it takes a while to digest and this isn’t healthy for older ones.

However, beans contains high protein, low-fat, high iron, and fibre, all of which is good for the body. So instead of completely taking it off your diet, try limiting it instead. The high content of nutrients in beans is needed for the body to function well. It is advisable to consult a dietitian to give you a full breakdown of the daily beans target for your health.

Beverages containing ethanol.

Some of harmful beverage containing ethanol that is taken by most people is alcohol. Too much consumption of alcohol might risk increase in blood pressure, lower sleep rate and generally decrease the body’s energy level. In some diabetics, taking alcohol could increase the risk of hypoglycemia, making the medication lose some of its efficacy.


As you age, the body may find it difficult to digest milk and some dairy products since they contain high calcium and protein.

However, there are few dairy product that can be consumed because they have been shown to be safer than others. For instant, you can take some sugar-free yoghurt and low-fat cheese in moderation.


Caffeine has it’s health benefits, especially for young bloods and a small part for older ones. However, some older people say caffeine makes them anxious and nervous. It could increase heart rate and make it difficult to fall asleep.

A little of caffeine can be taken to keep you brain active, not too much of it. You can switch to herbal tea, water, natural energy drink and decaffeinated drinks instead.


Red meats and processed meats can cause some health issues in older ones. Consider taking fish or lean meats with lower fat percentage instead.

Foods with lot of salt.

You need to reduce salt intake at the ages of 50 and above. At this age, the normal daily dosage should not be more than 2,300 milligrams. Consuming too much sodium per day is not advised, since high-sodium meals can increase blood pressure. Too much of it can also cause health challenge like stroke or heart attack in most cases.

In conclusion, you need to completely stay away from some of these foods and limit some in other to keep your body in good shape, stay away from sickness, keep your brain active and generally maintain good health as you grow older….CONTINUE READING