Ghost Of Man Who Died Through Fatal Accident Returns Home Weeks After Burial [Video]

In a bizarre and astonishing turn of events, Robert Maliaki Lukumay, a Tanzanian man believed to have died in a road accident, has miraculously returned to life weeks after his burial. The shocking revelation has left his family, neighbors, and the entire community in a state of disbelief and wonder....Read The Full Story Here ▶

According to Robert, he had been away from home for a month when news of his death spread, and he lost contact with his family.

Upon his return, he was met with the astonishing news that he had been declared dead and buried. The supposed burial took place on May 30th, with mourners attending what they thought was his final farewell.

Robert expressed his discomfort and disbelief at the situation, stating that he has yet to visit his own grave due to the unsettling feeling it gives him. He has called for the exhumation of the buried body to clarify the mistaken identity.

His mother, Flora, recounted the day they received news of her son’s death and confirmed his identity at the morgue before organizing his burial. She noted that the casket shook vigorously as it was being lowered into the ground.

This extraordinary story has raised questions about the circumstances surrounding Robert’s supposed death and burial. The community remains in shock, eager to uncover the truth behind this astonishing tale.

Video below;

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