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Girls try to run out on restaurant bill, but had to come back because they left their car keys [VIDEO]

Scamming has become something people have almost gotten used to. Many people do run businesses like this that are intended to just get people’s money. In addition, there are celebrities that have been accused of doing this. Recently, a group of women got caught trying to run off on a tab they ran up at a restaurant. The ladies intended to run off, but the woman driving forgot her keys. As a result, they had to come back....CONTINUE READING

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Things that were once considered to be taboo are now considered normal. While some people seem to be fine with it, more conservative people are upset over this change. They feel as if the quality of society has dwindled over the past few years. Seeing what now passes as acceptable behavior, this isn’t an outlandish line of thought. Still, people have been doing what they want to since the beginning of time, and that’s not going to change now.

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Some women went out to a restaurant and then they ran the bathroom trick. The ladies actually left the establishment, but it was under the premise that they were using the bathroom. Their trick may have worked, if one of the women didn’t forget the keys. This meant the women had to come back to the restaurant. When they returned, they were confronted about how they walked off without previously paying their tab.

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