Grandma Weeps Bitterly as She Returns to Nigeria after Doing ‘Omugwo’ in UK, Video Stirs Emotions

A grandmother bid farewell to her family in the UK, ending her months-long visit for “omugwo” (grandmotherly care) after the birth of her granddaughter. As she got set to return to her home country, Nigeria, the grandmother was overcome with emotion and tears.....Read The Full Story Here ▶

The video shared by @uchechionyedum on TikTok showed tears streaming down her face as she sat in the car with her daughter and granddaughter en route to the airport.

Her granddaughter, who was still too young to comprehend what was happening, stared at her grandmother as tears rolled down her cheeks. The video was captioned:

“UK Omugwo is over. Grandma is going back to Nigeria.”
Reactions as woman cries after omugwo

Viewers on TikTok were moved by the grandmother’s heartfelt display. Many shared words of comfort and understanding, while others found it funny.

@Carthy said:

“Grandma is not crying because she’s leaving the baby, grandma is crying because of lagos traffic.”

@Isabella stated:

“E reach to cry if person remember say na Naija e dey come.”

@Jojo reacted:

“The innocent baby watching wondering why grandma is crying.”

@Forever that girl said:

“If na me ehh I swear police go pursue me tire I no go come back.”

@JAY_jebba said:

“My mum literally cried from the house down to the park and even when the bus was moving damnn and it was just Warri to benin oo.”

@ogbanje mmiri reacted:

“The way she’s looking at her grandma cry ehhhh she will like wetin this woman dey do. Abi she dey whine me.”

@Bad_gal_Riri said:

“She is not crying because she will miss the bby. She is crying because she is coming bck to Nigeria. Omo if na me I no go gree come bck o.”

@Amaka Darlington added:

“She know how much pepper and tomatoes cost in Nigeria. Don’t cry ma soon you will come again.”

Watch the video below:

Nigerian woman travels to UK for omugwo

Meanwhile, Legit previously reported that a heartwarming video showing a mother who travelled to United Kingdom after her daughter out to bed to support her gained attention on TikTok.

The video captured the moment a mother arrived in the UK and was unloading her luggage from the car.

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