How Can I Withdraw From Tapswap? Man Using Auto Click Hits 5.8 Million Coins, Flaunts it Proudly

A man who is one of those mining coins on Tapswap shared how many coins he has accumulated. He posted a video on TikTok proudly showing people that he now has 5.8 million coins. Tapswap went viral online as it was revealed that repeatedly tapping on the Telegram bot helps one accumulate coins.....Read The Full Story Here ▶

Although yet to be listed, many young people on social media have taken the tapping very seriously.

Many of them have been seen repeatedly tapping their phones with the hope that they will cash out money in no distant future.

Man uses auto clicker on Tapswap

The crypto miner, @earnwithromeo118, mentioned that he was using an auto clicker to tap and mine coins on Tapswap.

He shared on TikTok:

“The power of auto clicker on Tapswap. More details coming.”

But speaking to, Fidelis Ozuawala, a cryptocurrency expert at Watutors, said there was no guarantee millions of taps would be exchanged for plenty of money since the tokens could be trimmed down and some disqualified due to bot activities.

He said:

“No! Even your millions of tokens might be pegged to a ratio to reduce the quantity, e.g. 1:1000, where 6 million tokens become 6,000. Certain airdrops do this to reduce the quantity of tokens that are sent to an exchange, but the value remains the same. For airdrops and estimates, it all boils down to how much the team is willing to share across board. And they share this evenly across all participants depending on how many tokens they have. From there, the price per coin can now be made available.”

See the video below:

One TikTok user, Chungkang reacted to the video asking how he could withdraw money from Tapswap:

“How can I withdraw the money?”
Is Tapswap real?

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady said she decided to start coin mining on Tapswap so that she would benefit if it paid participants.

Ose Sweet said when Notcoin started, people rushed to mine coins on the app, but she refused to participate.

According to her, Notcoin later paid some people she knew, noting that someone made N368,000 from it.

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