How to Score Very HIGH in JAMB 2023 [4 Secrets]

I am Raphael from ALLSCHOOL. You can call me your JAMB Guardian. I will share with you the four (4) tested and trusted secrets to score high in JAMB.

Before I share the secrets, let me tell you a personal story…..CONTINUE READING

Years ago, in 2013 to be precise, I wrote my first JAMB.

I wanted to study medicine and surgery at the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) and as you may know it, you need to score really high in JAMB to get that course.

Because I needed to score really high in JAMB, I studied very well. Read as much as I could but… I still scored low in JAMB.

Yes, that’s right. Even after reading well, I scored 184, a score considered very low for medicine and surgery and most other courses.

I was really sad. I saw my secondary school classmates, who scored high in JAMB gained admission. The most painful part was actually when they did their matriculation ceremony. The smiles on their faces in the pictures they shared on Facebook. I cried. I felt left behind.

This made me draft a method that I will use to study. And I promised myself that if the methods worked out for me, I will share them with friends and as many people as I can.

And yes, the methods worked out for me. In the next year, I scored 295 in JAMB. I was really happy when I saw my score. And yes, I got admission too. I couldn’t wait to also post my own matriculation pictures on Facebook too.

Fulfilling my promise, I had to share my reading methods with eight of my friends. And it worked out for all of them. The minimum score they had in JAMB was 255, one of them actually scored 321.
Over the years, I have been sharing these methods with JAMB candidates and it has been working for them. However, though, for a few JAMB candidates who didn’t practice the methods well, they didn’t score high in JAMB.

It’s my reading methods, my secrets to scoring high in JAMB that I want to share with you. Remember, you have to put all of them into practice for it to work for you.
Without much ado, let’s dive in.
Secret 1: Believe You Can.

The truth is most times, the only thing stopping us from getting what we want is that we don’t believe in ourselves. We don’t believe we can achieve it.

When I re-wrote my exam JAMB in 2017, I told myself that I will score above 280 in JAMB. Then I believed I could. That’s not all though, I did other things, which will be shared in other secrets. But the point here is, I said I will score above 280 and I actually did.

So do yourself a favour now, tell yourself what you want to score in JAMB. It could be anything. Don’t be scared to mention a very high score.

Your pen and paper have unfathomable power. Write down the score on a paper somewhere. It should be something like this “I want to Score _______ in this 2023 JAMB”.

For INSTANCE, if you want to score 295 in JAMB. Your write-up will be like this; “I want to score 295 in this 2023 JAMB.”
Write it and keep it in a place where you will be seeing it every day. Keep reminding yourself about this, every day.

Now that’s not all, remember.
Secret 2: Minimize Distractions while reading

One of the reading methods that worked for me, my friends, and other JAMB candidates is that we reduced removed unnecessary distractions.

No, I am not saying you should throw your phone away. If you had done that, how would you have seen these secrets now?

What I am saying here is that you should make sure you reduce unnecessary distractions. For example, while reading, off your phone or put it on airplane mode.

Don’t say I can read with my phone on. Yes, you could but you could also distract yourself with a pop-up message from a friend on WhatsApp. This isn’t worth it. It could cost ANOTHER YEAR at home. That is not my prayer for you.

To stay focused, always remind yourself that: “after this JAMB, I will have all the whole time to chat and play with my friends, so let me focus more on my studies now.
Secret 3: Pray Earnestly

You need prayer in everything you do, exam included.

While you read, please don’t forget to put everything into God’s hands. He is the starter and finisher of everything. With him, all your efforts will not be in vain.
Secret 4: Study Smartly

There is a difference between just studying and studying smartly. If you must study for this year’s JAMB, do it smartly.
How can I do it smartly, you ask. Below are four ways to study rightly.

(a) Start Studying on Time:

When I wrote my first JAMB, one of the problems I had was that I didn’t start studying on time. I waited for a few weeks for the exam before I commenced studying. This obviously affected my result. In my second JAMB, I changed that. I started studying as soon as I could, and it really did work out for me. As I told you in my previous email, I scored 295.

That’s not all! Agnes Maduafokwa, the 2020 overall best JAMB candidate who scored 365 in JAMB also said in an interview that one of her secrets to scoring such a high score was that she started studying on time.

You get the point, right? Start studying NOW!

(b) Study Consistently

Don’t just start studying now, be consistent. Study every day. Choose a time that works for you and make sure you stick to it.

You can decide to study for at least 30mins every day. Then as the day goes by, be free to increase or reduce your study time. But make sure you study every day.

(c) Study With JAMB Syllabus

JAMB has a syllabus for its candidates. Each subject has its own syllabus. The syllabus will show you the topic to read and what you should know after reading it.

Cover your JAMB syllabus!

Why? Because JAMB will set questions based on the topics in the syllabus.

(d) Practice JAMB Past questions:

This is an old piece of advice but you should test your knowledge with jamb past questions. Please don’t go about cramming the questions.

Just use the JAMB past questions to test your knowledge only. Do you know why? Because most times JAMB won’t repeat their exact questions.

I strongly advise you to actually read with JAMB Syllabus instead.

The Problem

The problem with the JAMB syllabus is that it is really much. JAMB is literally asking you to read almost all the topics in the subject. And this can be discouraging.

The most difficult part is when you don’t understand a topic and instead of using just two hours to read it, you end up using 5days and sometimes won’t still understand the topic. Hence, end up wasting your precious time.

But we have a solution. A perfect solution, actually. A solution that will help you not just cover all the topics in your syllabus, but will also help you study consistently, start studying on time and test your knowledge with all JAMB past questions.

It won’t end there actually, this solution will help you have reading mates, meet new good friends and be academically and mentally smarter.

It’s still not all! our solution will go further to help you excel very well in your first year in school.

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Other Helpful Tips

Read your exam questions before starting.
When your JAMB exam center comes out, visit ? it early.
Be punctual: Go to your exam hall at least 30mins before the exam time ⏲️

4) Stay Informed:

Stay informed with all the latest JAMB updates.

Sometimes JAMB could change the exam date, request for students’ action, share an important notice, etc. Get a reliable source of information and always stick to it. ALLSCHOOL is your reliable source of information ?

5) Have the Correct Subject Combination for your Course

If you choose the wrong JAMB subject combination, you might be denied admission. It is of utmost importance that your JAMB subject combination is the perfect one for your aspiring course.

I have a friend named Edna. She was given admission to study French at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Just like all admitted students, she was happy, paid for her acceptance fee and school fees, but…

But during her clearance, it was discovered that she didn’t have any science subject in her O’level result. Not even mathematics. And at the time, it was a compulsory O’level requirement in UNN. She was sent out of the school and her admission was canceled. She had to go write another WAEC. Luckily, she passed it. Wrote another JAMB, passed, and got admission the next year.

So, you see, it is of great importance that you make sure you have the O’level requirement for the course and school you’re interested in…..CONTINUE READING