Husband Goes Into Coma And Dies After His Wife Gave Him A Dirty Knock On His Head For Constantly Speaking To Another Woman At Night

A young married man has met his untimely death after receiving a dirty knock on his head over cheating allegations. According to the wife, her husband suffered memory lost after giving him the knock of his life for allegedly cheating on her.....Read The Full Story Here ▶

On Prophet Elisha’s show, the unknown widow recounted that she was living happily with her husband and were even the talk of town in their neighbourhood after their marriage because the both loved each other dearly.

However, she said she started noticing attitudinal changes in her husband, stating that her husband started hanging out with friends and returned home late at night and sometimes even passed the night outside.

The lady said she kept wondering and probing her husband to find the reason behind the sudden change of behaviour towards her but none of her effort yielded any positive result.

She said this continued for a while and at a point started hearing and seeing her husband speaking to another woman almost every night.

One day, the lady said she faked her sleep and heard her husband speaking to that same lady, and this out of anger triggered her to give her husband a heavy knock on his head.

Immediately for knocking him, the lady said her husband fell on the ground acting like someone who had been struck down by stroke but after pouring water on him, he regained his consciousness.

However, the lady said he became an ‘on and off’ man as he was constable going into coma and eventually led to his death.

This according to the widow has left her thinking and feeling guilty that he murdered her husband. He took to social media to ask for help on what to do.

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