Husband’s family members nab wife sleeping with another man on her matrimonial bed (Video)

A video fast going viral on the internet has one married Nigerian woman captured pants down with another man in her matrimonial home ‘doing the do’.

The husband, with the help of his family members, caught his wife in the act seriously enjoying another man’s penetrative mechanism (manhood) on their own matrimonial bed…..CONTINUE READING

In the video, the woman who had a towel wrapped around her waist was seen trying to defend her “baby boy” against her husband when her husband tried beating him. For our non-Yoruba readers, a sparing interpretation of the scene reads:

Cheating wife: Leave him alone, he has nothing to do with this.

Husband’s sister: You are mad, this man came to sleep with you in my brother’s house. Have you no shame?…..CONTINUE READING