“I Feel So Bad for Her”: Girl in Tears after Watching Her Toy Castle Collapse at Home, Video Stirs Emotions

A heartbreaking video of a little girl’s Lego castle crashing down to the ground has stirred emotions on TikTok
The pretty little girl was trying to build the tallest castle ever for her mother with some Lego toy blocks
Sadly, it all came crashing down when her kiddie chair mistakenly hit the structure and she broke down in tears…..CONTINUE READING

Children are the epitome of innocence and their sadness has the power to break even the coldest of hearts.

A cute little girl was trying to build the tallest castle that she could for her mum. She also wanted to beat or set a record in castle building.
Little girl tears up as toy castle collapses

She employed the use of Lego toy blocks which children use in construction. The smart girl started well and the building progressed significantly as she used her strength and architectural brain. She did put in a lot of hard work.

The taller the building got, the more she couldn’t see the other side and had to move around to do well-rounded work.

She used her kiddie stool as a ladder but unfortunately, as she was about to move her stool from one side to the other, the stool accidentally hit the castle and knocked it down.

The Lego castle came crashing down before it got finished. Immediately, her face changed to reveal a sad girl on the brink of tears. She just looked straight at her mother to undo the damage that had already been done. It was so heartbreaking!
Social media reactions

@My singing monsters wrote:

“Why did she look at you like ‘you done it.”

@Rhyan Dunbar wrote:

“I can’t have kids, I would be laughing the whole time to the point where they hate me.”

@katyxx commented:

“How do people know when to film? like I always get my phone out at the last second.”

@Julian commented:

“Why am I laughing?”

@Kiimada Johnson said:

“I’d cry with her ngl.”

@Ava commented:

“Awe I feel bad for her. that tower was colorful and awesome!!”

@Alan commented:

“This reminds me of the food network kids baking competition when the girls pastry falls apart a second after they called the time.”

@eleyahgordon wrote:

“Awww poor baby.”

@paigeskinner71 said:

“Aww poor thing. I would cry too.”

@ellie<3 commented:

“I’d cry if that happened to me all the hard work vanished.”



@Moon commented:

“It’s ok I would cry too.”

@Shawn commented:

“Poor Angel.”

@BlueberryLittch said:

“I’d cry to honestly.”

@Cari commented:

“Yeah I would’ve cried and blamed it on who ever watched it fall and didn’t trying to catch it.”

@Ivy commented:

“That would be me.”

@local Ambivert wrote:

“Me and you girlie me and you.”

@tøn visągė cřémėűx said:

“Emotional damage. I felt the pain.”

@Bad luck wrote:

“I would cry too.”

Watch the video below:


It’s her reaction afterwards 😭😭😭 (Annastasia Elson via @ViralHog) #pubity

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