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I paid £3k to marry myself – trolls say I did it because ‘no one would want me,’ I could wed a man tomorrow if I wanted

A BODY positive woman who forked out £3k to marry herself has told how she’s been flooded with cruel messages from trolls who say she only did so because no one else would want her. Influencer Danni Evans, who has always wanted to marry herself since she was young, stood at the altar where she vowed to “value herself” and “give herself grace” – and for her, the big day was a total dream come true....CONTINUE READING

“During my self-love journey I stopped drinking, I stopped having sex.

“I was in therapy: I spent a lot of quality time with myself, taking myself on dates.”

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However, when the world got wind of her story, she wasn’t prepared for the amount of hate that was about to ensue.

While some keyboard warriors launched social forum pages just to express hatred towards her, others called her a “narcissist.”

One even cruelly said how she only wed herself because she was too overweight to attract a man.

“I was scared,” Danni admitted. “I was scared for myself and I was scared for my family.”

She continued: “There are pages created to make fun of people, and more and more pages started picking it up.

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“One typical comment read: ‘This is the dumbest, most narcissistic thing I’ve ever seen – make a commitment to yourself? You can’t even commit to a diet.’”

However, Danni says that by far the most “hurtful” comment she received was a keyboard warrior who told her she “had to marry myself because no one would want me.”

The body positive influencer questioned: “What messages are we sending people of size? That they’re unlovable? That they’re unworthy?

“That’s not true I can get married to a man tomorrow. People went and researched my and found my address…

“One letter that I received in the mail said I was going to go to hell if I didn’t repent for marrying myself.”

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As far as Danni was concerned, she struggled to understand what the problem was and why she couldn’t just love and celebrate herself.

But, despite the negative backlash she’s received, she doesn’t regret her bold gesture to herself.

Now, she happily lives alone – and does still go on the occasional date with men.

She adds that one fella was so intrigued by her set up that he asked: “If you and I get married too, does that make us a throuple?”