I Regret Having S£X With A Married Man After He Disappeared Because Of This – Lady Reveals (Video)

A lady by the name Ruth has advised young ladies not to have an affair with married men because she has seen it all after the man she had an affair with left her because of this. According to Ruth, she was dating a young single man before she met the married man, but their relationship didn’t last long. After she met the married man, he promised to marry her as the second wife and also introduce her to his first wife.....Read The Full Story Here ▶

She stated that they dated for almost a year. The man was begging her to sire a kid with him, to an extent of sending her friends to persuade her. After Ruth realized she had conceived, she started her prenatal clinics, and the doctor told her that she was carrying twins.

When she informed her lover, he was excited and continued to take good care of her. When she was about to deliver, her lover disappeared and started a relationship with one of her friends. She later came to realize that one of her best friends snatched her lover.

She raises her kids single-handedly. She keeps advising young ladies not to have affairs with married men.

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