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“I Will Never Be Poor in My Life”: Man Decorates One Room and Makes it Look 5-Star Hotel, Video Goes Viral

A skilled man has changed the appearance of a one-room apartment and made it look like a 5-star hotel....CONTINUE READING

A brief TikTok video posted by @investorjoe captured how the man did the interior decoration work.

The video opened when the man was sweeping the one-room apartment because it looked dirty and unkempt…..CONTINUE READING

Man carefully arranges one room and changes its appearance

After sweeping and parking away the dirt, the man repainted the room and laid his carpet. He brought in his bed, which he placed in his desired position. He then covered the bed with fine bedsheets and dropped four pillows.

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The next thing he did was hang a fluffy curtain around the bed, making it look like the bed was in another room.

The room’s appearance further changed when he placed a small stool in the centre and put a bottle of wine and a cup on it.
Reactions from TikTok users as man decorates room in a fantastic way

The video has sparked reactions and gained over 1.5 million views.

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@Rol Real said:

“Avoid that blue room, that blue room with no chairs…yes you this girl, I’m talking to you.”

@Kay Doundou commented:

“Imagine you tidy the room and everything, and she calls you to finally tell you I’m not coming.”

@daddythurayya said:

“Life is what you make it.”

@Amdan commented:

This is what they mean by turning water into wine

@Dsquare said:

“I will never be poor in my life.”

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“What next is marriage.”

Nigerian Man Rents 1 Room, Transforms

A Nigerian man turned his one-room apartment into a lovely space and shared its transformation video online.

The young man filmed every part of the apartment to show how bare everything looked after he rented the room.

The room’s transformation seconds into the clip got many people asking him how he did it. He enhanced the interior decor with a chandelier and a black wardrobe, among other things…..CONTINUE READING