If you love your Kidney and you want to leave longer avoid these things

The kidneys remove urine. HIV, hepatitis C, alcoholism and heart disease can damage your kidneys. Kidney disease causes kidney disease in most of the United States.Diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney failure all cause kidney disease. avoid dehydration....CONTINUE READING

Water is essential for detoxification.

Hydrate supports the kidneys. It is good to drink 1.5-2 liters of water a day. Every person is different, so their daily water needs are different. Dehydration can cause fatigue and.

disrupt body processes. Drinking enough water during work or exercise can help prevent kidney damage. Drinking enough water increases urine production, which washes away infectious bacteria. Drinking extra water with certain medications or before and after surgery can help prevent kidney damage.

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Lack of sleep affects the kidneys. Sleep regulates kidney function. Dr. John Driscoll’s study on sleep apnea showed that the kidneys relax. 35.2% of American adults have insomnia, the most common sleep disorder. New research shows that kidney disease and early death may be on the rise. Long-term sleep deprivation can prevent such health problems.Foods rich in sugar cause obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.\Eating too much meat.

Animal proteins Blood acid damages the kidneys. In moderate amounts, animal protein builds, maintains and repairs all parts of the body. The kidneys struggle to remove the acid quickly.

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Drinking too much.

Drinking alcohol increases the risk of kidney disease. Smokers and heavy drinkers have five times the risk of developing kidney disease. Smoking and drinking increase the risk. Drinking too much can make kidney disease worse. Excessive drinking can cause acute kidney failure. Heavy drinking doubles the risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD). Pregnant women should not drink. Chronic drinking causes liver disease and increases the burden on the kidneys.

Most Americans with liver disease and kidney failure are alcoholics. Even if it is safe, drink in moderation. One to two cups a day for men and one cup for women and the elderly\due to eating too much processed food

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Salt is added to processed foods. Processing increases the salt content.

Long periods of sitting are related to the development of kidney diseases. Scientists still don’t know why or how sitting and physical activity directly affect kidney health. However, increased physical activity is associated with improvements in blood pressure and glucose metabolism. is known Processed food damages the kidneys and bones.