Jackie Appiah’s Ex-husband and Son Spotted at a Party, Video Melts Hearts of Ghanaians

A video of Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah’s ex-husband Peter Agyemang and their son Damien Agyemang enjoying themselves at a party has surfaced on social media.

In the very short video, Peter had his right arm around his son’s neck when the memorable moment was captured.

Damien gave the peace sign with one hand as he kept a straight face while his father smiled…..CONTINUE READING

The young man was spotted in a black branded T-shirt and a pair of trousers.

Peter wore a homburg hat, a white short-sleeved polo shirt, and a pair of trousers.

The video portrayed the unbreakable bond between father and son as they were spotted partying together.

Below is a video of Jackie Appiah’s ex-husband and son at a party.

Ghanaians comment on video of Jackie Appiah’s son and ex-husband spotted at a party

The video has excited many Ghanaians, as many claim they hardly see father and son in the public eye.

This, according to many, raised questions as to whether they were on good terms after the actress and businessman divorced in 2008.

Below are some selected thoughts from Ghanaians:

trigmaticofficial said:

I miss Pierroooooooo. One guy that I knew truly loved my music and career. God bless him wherever he is.

whats_up_gh remarked:

They’ve stayed out of the public eye all these years…that’s great

abrantiethegentleman said:

Man Perooo

lovemelanin2022 stated:

He is not her baby daddy but her ex husband. They married and got divorced.

odole_labi remarked:

A professional caption as “Father of Jackie Appian’s son” would have been better. They were once a couple. Very responsibly married.

esme.agyeiwaa said:

He resembles Osebo oo anaa wose kooko si mani so

dorisa8525 commented:

Konkonsani ,where is the complete video??

iamadwoasaahint said:

I miss Nana Agyemang ❤️. Is he on IG, please?

the_bilionaires_wife remarked:

Which one is baby daddy? They were married and got divorced. U could have captioned it as her ex husband and son…..CONTINUE READING