JUST IN: FG Announces Approval of 37 New Private Universities in Nigeria

37 new private institutions have been given the go-ahead by the Nigerian federal government. The Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting, which was held at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Monday, May 15, and presided over by Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo, revealed the approval, according to The Punch.

According to The Nation, the number of private universities in the nation has climbed to 72 as a result of the recently recognized schools…..CONTINUE READING

37 new private universities, including one operated online by a woman, have received operating licenses from the FEC, according to education minister Adamu Adamu.

The online university is thought to be the first of its sort to open in Nigeria. The names of the recently approved higher education institutes were not mentioned by Adamu. Adamu explains why Nigeria needs additional universities.

When asked why the FG is approving new universities given the reportedly subpar conditions of the ones that already exist, Adamu responded that more are required to accommodate the enormous young population.

The minister said: “We need more universities. The existence of the many universities should not deter the creation of new ones. Besides, these are private universities…..CONTINUE READING