Kidney-damaging Foods You Should Avoid Eating In Excess

The kidneys, which are bean-shaped, are responsible for several vital function, such as filtering blood, excreting waste in the form of urine, creating hormones, maintaining mineral and water levels, and much more, as explained by Healthline. However, there are some items you should avoid eating or consuming in excess because of the long-term hazard they caused to your kidney health due to the number of chemical compounds they contain.....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

In this article I will enlighten you on kidney-damaging substance you should avoid eating in excess according to Healthline and WebMD

1. Avocado are a good source of potassium, a mineral that is essential for proper muscular contraction and relaxation and the conduction of nerve impulses. When your electrolyte levels, pH, and heart rate are all normal, it’s because your body has enough potassium. But if you consume too many avocados, you risk developing hyperkalemia, an unusually high blood potassium level that is a common complication of kidney illness. Signs of hyperkalemia include dizziness, fatigue, numbness, and a slow heartbeat, among others.

2. Peanuts contains oxalates, a mineral that can lead to kidney stones. The most frequent form of kidney stone is made of calcium oxalate. Those who have had calcium oxalate kidney stones in the past may benefit from limiting their use of oxalate-containing substances to reduce their risk of getting new stones.

3. For many reasons, red meat is a great way to get protein. Though it’s important for growth, repair, and overall health, consuming too much protein might stress the kidneys.

4. The high levels of salt and protein in processed meats are harmful to the kidneys. Eating leaner cuts of whole meats could aid in weight loss.

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