Like EndSARS, Nigerian Youths Declare Another Nationwide Protest

Nigerian youths are gearing up for a major protest, vowing to shut down the country to express their frustration at the current state of the country. The protest, named “End Bad Governance in Nigeria 2024,” is anticipated to be similar or bigger than the 2020 EndSARS movement....Read The Full Story Here ▶

The protest scheduled for August 1 to August 10, 2024 aims to bring attention to various complaints against the current administration.

Participants from different regions, ethnic groups, and religious backgrounds across Nigeria are have been advised to join.

The protest will span ten days, with its core message captured in the slogan “10 Days Of Rage! We Are Not Slaves.”

Key cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Port Harcourt, Enugu, and Kaduna are set to be focal points for major activities.

The protesters have listed 10 key demands which includes:

  • Ending subsidy scams and reducing fuel prices to below ₦300 per litre.
  • Reverting tertiary education fees to previous rates by reversing recent subsidies.
  • Restoring affordable electricity tariffs.
  • Reinstating previous import duty rates.
  • Publicly disclosing and reducing the salaries and allowances of all senators, House of Representatives members, and the Speaker.
  • Establishing an emergency fund to support SMEs.
  • Ensuring INEC’s independence with transparent processes for appointing its chairman.
  • Mandating INEC to electronically transmit live electoral results.
  • Reopening national borders.
  • Reforming the EFCC.
  • Declaring a state of emergency on inflation.
  • Reforming the judiciary.

Protesters are advised to wear white attire, preferably with black accents, and bring placards, handkerchiefs, water bottles, a white cloth or ribbon, and the Nigerian flag.

Designated meeting points include LGA and House of Representatives members’ residences, as well as Governor’s offices nationwide.

In Abuja, the gathering point is the National Assembly Building.

See tweets below:

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