Lists Of Some People Who Will Not Succeed In Life

Here is a list of some types of people who will not succeed in life, see if you are on it

1. People who always hide in the comfort zone.

2. People who don’t try new things because the fear of failure…..CONTINUE READING

3. People who give up easily because the tasks are too challenging.

4. People who complain a lot to the people around them.

5. People who don’t understand the value of time and they don’t value their time.

6. People who are always looking at other people’s lives and never working on themselves.

7. People who don’t do things that are in alignment with their goals

8. People who let society dictate their goals and dreams.

9. People who have self-imposed limitations. They put limits on themselves like” I’m just not good with numbers” or “ I just don’t think I can run a successful business”

10. People who don’t know how to treat other people and tend to be arrogant most of the time. They tend to have no social IQ saying things like “well at least I’m being honest” or “this is how I am, deal with it”.

11. People who are afraid to voice their true opinions.

12. People who seek the easiest way out.

13. People who readily give up their morals or principles in exchange for something gratifying.

14. People who never have an opinion about anything, they can’t make decisions and are over the border plain ignorant.

15. People who don’t fight for what they want.

16. People who follow the herd.

17. People who make up excuses convincing themselves that they can’t accomplish the things they want to do.

18. People who engage in useless gossiping…..CONTINUE READING