Man Shares The Message He Received From Girlfriend After ‘Selling’ Her for N5,000 To Another Man (AUDIO)

A Nigerian man took to social media to share a WhatsApp voice note he received from his girlfriend after he “sold her out.” Identified on TikTok as @humble_dosh, the young man disclosed that he provided his girlfriend’s phone number to another man who is interested in her in exchange for ₦5000....Read The Full Story Here ▶

But soon after, his girlfriend sent him a voice message on WhatsApp letting him know how she felt about the whole thing.

His partner, on the other hand, struggled to find the perfect word to convey herself in English.

He wrote: “POV; after selling my girlfriend for 5K.”

@nathanielayodeji2 reacted: “No yet spend the money….the guy fit ask for refund.”

Rico commented: “Omo she no worth the 5k na.”

Naty Burger said: “You spend the 5k yet ooh they fit ask for refund anytime soon.”

Daveken said: “You suppose give the guy change because him need money to send her go school.”

ToxicWorld002 reacted: “For person wey no fit speak good English na 20 naira you suppose collect.”

Fun reacted: “Sha keep change, person fit ask for refund “u never knew”.”

@black_and_white044 said: “Before she spoil pass the way she dey now, e good as you sell.”

Light Klipz reacted: “Why you no sell am for 1k?”

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