Minimum Wage: NLC Discloses Actual Amount Tinubu Should Pay Nigerian Workers

The minimum wage debate in Nigeria has been a contentious issue, with the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) recently disclosing the actual amount they believe President Bola Tinubu should pay workers. The NLC’s position is based on the rising cost of living and the need for a fair wage that reflects the economic realities faced by Nigerian workers....Read The Full Story Here ▶

Current Minimum Wage

As of now, the national minimum wage in Nigeria is set at ₦30,000 per month. However, the NLC argues that this amount is insufficient to meet the basic needs of workers and their families, given the current inflation rate and the high cost of essential goods and services.

NLC’s Proposed Minimum Wage

The NLC has proposed a new minimum wage of ₦50,000 per month. This figure is based on extensive research and analysis of the living conditions of Nigerian workers. The NLC believes that ₦50,000 is a more realistic amount that would help workers maintain a decent standard of living and cover essential expenses such as food, housing, healthcare, and education.

Economic Impact

Implementing a higher minimum wage is expected to have several positive impacts on the economy. Increased earnings for workers would boost consumer spending, leading to higher demand for goods and services. This, in turn, could stimulate economic growth and create more job opportunities. Additionally, a fair wage could reduce poverty levels and improve the overall quality of life for many Nigerian families.

Challenges and Considerations

While the proposal for a higher minimum wage is well-received by many, there are challenges to its implementation. Employers, especially in the private sector, may face difficulties in adjusting to the increased wage bill. There is also the concern of inflationary pressures, where higher wages could lead to an increase in prices of goods and services. Therefore, it is crucial for the government to work closely with stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition and mitigate any potential adverse effects.


The NLC’s call for an increased minimum wage is a significant step towards improving the livelihoods of Nigerian workers. By addressing the economic realities and ensuring fair compensation, the government can foster a more equitable and prosperous society. President Tinubu’s administration has the opportunity to make a lasting impact by implementing a minimum wage that truly reflects the needs of the people.

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