My Bishop Invited Me for Dinner, Bought Beer, and Booked a Room to Sleep with Me, but I Refused, Then The Unthinkable Happened

A lady has narrated how her bishop invited her for dinner in one of the big hotels. He bought her beer and later took her to a room he had booked to sleep with her, but she refused. According to Her, she joined the church after enrolling in college. She found this church where she ministered as a praise and worship member for three years. During this time, the bishop used to pray for them, and she never suspected anything....Read The Full Story Here ▶

On this fateful day, she had gone to visit her friend. When going back to her place, the bishop called her and asked if he could buy dinner for her today. She accepted and went to a big hotel.

Upon arriving, she found the bishop drinking beer, which shocked her. She asked him why he was doing that, and he replied that they were not in church and that God searches the soul, not the body. She was served with beer after conviction from her pastor.

She says that she pretended to be drunk so that she could go home. The bishop offered to drop her home, but instead, he took her to a guest room where he wanted to sleep with her. She refused, and upon asking him why he wanted to do that to her, he said that he was unable to control himself. However, she refused and ran away.

She says that the next day, the bishop was in church as usual. From that day, she vowed never to go to any church. She prays and worships at home, stating that religion nowadays is rotten and doomed.

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