My father is a silent achiever – Buhari’s daughter; Nigerians react

The daughter of President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), Aisha Hanan Buhari has taken to social media to shower praises on her father as he leaves office…..CONTINUE READING

On Tuesday, May 23, Aisha share a post on her Instagram story saying that her father was a silent achiever with a picture of the President during the Fleet Review held at the Naval Dockyard Limited in Victoria Island, Lagos.

She wrote, “My Father … The Silent Achiever.”

Reacting to her post, some Nigerians expressed their dissatisfaction about her fathers 8 years in office with data.

Tony: Very interesting…what an amazing achiever.

On his watch:
– over 70,000 Nigerians killed needlessly
– inflation over 30%
– corruption running on steroids
– over 70 Trillion Naira national debt.
– over 120 million living in multi- dimensional poverty

Quite a record indeed.

Wenzy????????: I wish they asked her to specify what her father did right.

DAG PHENOMENAL: And his achievements have been silent and refused to speak even when we gave them microphone

Prince Ugo Mba: Your father can’t be a silent achiever because he didn’t achieve anything for Nigerians in 8 years my daughter and I am sorry to hurt your feelings but I still love darling lol

ƈʀʏքȶօ ʟօʀɖʐ: Silent Achiever in Corruption Abacha is a saint compared to your father.

Ugowil: He achieved so much by watching some Nigerians being massacred, progression of corruption, stealing of public fund and crude oil, progression of criminalities, progression of underdevelopment, progression of poverty, progression of lies, and progression of drug trafficking

Salisu A. Ibrahim: There’s nothing like silent achiever because achievements speak for the achiever…..CONTINUE READING