My Friend Took Advantage Of My Illness, Drugged Me and Also Rap3d Me – Lady Gives Her Life Story (Video)

Some hours ago, Muhia interviewed a lady who shared her heartbreaking story about how a man, who was her friend, took advantage of her illness and made her pregnant. She was born and raised in Pipeline. One day in 2023, she started having convulsions and was later diagnosed with epilepsy. She struggled with the disease for a long time and, after finishing Form Four, decided to get married.....Read The Full Story Here ▶

Unfortunately, the marriage was not successful, and she went back to live with her mother. Her husband had the same condition, but his situation was more severe because he was not taking medication. She left the marriage with one child, whom she loves very much. After some time, she entered into a second relationship with a man who was her best friend. One day, she went to visit him, and unfortunately, she was given drugged juice.

She blacked out, and when she woke up, she was naked, and the man had already raped her. She took a shower and went back home, and from there, they never talked again. She didn’t tell her mother about it since she was the one who took herself to that house. She wonders why the man drugged her drink, despite knowing her condition. After one month, she went to the hospital and tested positive for pregnancy.

She later gave birth, and the child is two years old now. Her mother has played a very big role in helping her cope with the situation. She called the man, who said that he should not be involved in her cases, and up to date, he doesn’t know that she has his child. She sent a message to the man, telling him that he did something wrong to her, and he should know that she has his child.

Watch the full video below and share your views with us.

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