NYSC: Female Corper in Rivers Orientation Camp Breaks down in Tears in Video, Says “No Rest at All”

A Rivers corper, @veeviangold, has expressed sadness over the toughness of her NYSC Orientation Camp. In a video she released on TikTok, @veeviangold shed tears. Words layered on her video conveyed her lamentation and explained that she could no longer feel her legs. The unhappy NYSC corper, @veeviangold, said there is no rest at all in the camp....Read The Full Story Here ▶

Her video has sent social media users into a frenzy.

Watch the video below:

Corper’s lamentation generates buzz

Norah said:

“U never see anything u have more 2weks to stay there.”

Ayooluwaaa said:

“E tough I’ve cried my own I want to go home.”

Tee Luxury ❤️ said:

I feel your pain dearI literally cried everyday as well.. I camped in rivers as well this latch stream.”

Ella said:

I no wan laugh . My love you still have like two weeks.”

Kayhobee said:

“You can do it, just try to look for something that will make you happy in that cam.”

Flakky queen❤️ said:

It not easy oo I cried all through the 3 weeks but if I tell you that u just started u still have months left to serve ur father land.”

Mimiblac said:

“Don’t cry but try dey hide for OBS office.”

LADY J said:

“Yu never even start yu still get like 2 and half week to go.”
Corper laments over her place of deployment

Meanwhile, Legit previously reported that a female corper had cried out over where NYSC deployed her.

@diwas_beauty_hair expressed worry, saying she doesn’t know how she would survive there. The corper appeared to be in a bus when she recorded her NYSC LGA of deployment, owing to the fast-paced nature of her video.

Her clip amused many people. Legit learnt she was deployed to Wannune, Tarka local government in Benue state.

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