Ooni Of Ife~s Estranged Wife Olori Naomi Celebrates 30th Birthday With Thanksgiving…

She is celebrating the 3rd floor today Saturday April 15, 2023..
Se says she gave the devil a punch in the face…..

The journey here has been beautiful, I can’t believe it’s three decades already. Yaweh has been faithful.
Three decades didn’t happen without life testing me but with the grace of God so amazing,I gave the devil a punch right back in his face isn’t that grace?…..CONTINUE READING
Now that I am are on

I count my 30th birthday as very significant, following in the footsteps of the one whose life was lived for others. A life of utmost sacrifice.
So, I count all that I have done before now; the past 29 years of my life as preparation towards now and the future.
Therefore, this new season would be a life of benevolence in the service of humanity far more than before, as I also continue the journey of self-improvement in all the facets of my life.

Finally, my dearest family,ardent followers and fans, the lord most high is about to blow our minds.It is going to be nothing like we have ever experienced before.Hear this , “God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved: God shall help her, and that right early”. (Psalm 46:5 kjv)…..CONTINUE READING